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Through Harris & Co. we offer staff and salon training and education to help refresh your business or just learn some new techniques, Jimi is a internationally trained educator who has worked for such companies as RUSK international and Conair.


Since moving to Australia he has joined forces with major salon suppliers Norris and North Coast Hair & Beauty supplies

doing look and learn classes and workshops to help his fellow hairdressers learn new techniques and inspire them to try something new.  

In his last roll he was the in house trainer/ educator for a busy chain of hair & beauty salons on the coast, in which he built up their retention on rebooking and trained staff and apprentices in everyday salon services.

Education is an area that Jimi is certainly passionate about and finds great achievement in sharing his knowledge and talent with his peers, he has shown he can be a great leader who shows compassion and an understanding about how important it is to keep learning and striving to become a better Hairdresser, inside and out.

Jimi offers his service as an educator in a few different ways, you have the choice of picking and choosing what you may think will be of help to you or your salon or he can asses and come up with a detailed evolution plan that custom suits your needs.





Class length 2-3hrs

1-20 people

These classes are all about impact. You can choose between the option shown below on a subject you would like to focus on, usually a haircut or style you want to achieve.

This class is perfect for a whole team or group of stylist & are a great way to spark your creativity or refresh your memory on what you may already know.


Class Length 3-4hrs

1-8 people

Workshops are about focusing on not just the theory but the practical application, in these classes you get hands on by learning your new techniques on a model while Jimi walks you through what he is teaching.

You can choose between the option shown below on a subject you would like to focus on or Jimi can customise the workshops to fit in whatever you feel you or your staff need to focus on.


Class Length depends on class chosen

One on One education is great for home based stylists who want to sharpen their skills in any area or targeted in salon training with any of your staff, on what they need help with.

It is a great way to get support and stay on top of new techniques and styles coming through this ever changing industry.

You can choose between the option shown in Create on a subject you would like to focus on or Jimi can customise the classes to suit your needs or queries, then just decide if you want a Look & Learn or Workshop.


Model with Long Hair


Sometimes there are areas that we all think we could improve in but feel like we have a good grasp on the basics, in these custom classes we offer you the chance to focus on the areas you want, weather its Texture, colour, or a bit of everything.

Let us help you create a class  that custom suits what you or your staff want to learn.

Have more fun creating your Blondes!

Learn to elevate the most popular service in your salon.

Let Jimi help you improve your foil placement, get that perfect balayage & master the art of toning with this intensive blonding class.

Embrace the creative side of Bleach.

Fashion Woman



Don't be terrified, Texturize! 

This class focuses on a new approach on the classic concave bob and pixie cuts, learn how to use your tools to achieve a crisp line and texturize hair without fear, you will earn how to disconnect or connect any haircut.

Jimi will take you through how texturizing works and how you can apply it to elevate your cuts to the next level.

Your clients will love you!


Never knock anyone back!

Increase your male clientle. 

Become current and bridge the gap between barber and hairdresser.

Jimi will take you through new  techniques on how to get that perfect fade, master your clippers & incorporate classic barbering into your arsenal of techniques to offer your clients that barber shop cut.

Potentially double your clientele & add another facet to your salon!


Tame that mane!

Learn how to let your clients natural curls come through and look healthy and effortless.

In this class Jimi will take you through the fundamentals of cutting curls & building your confidence in wet & dry cutting, broaden your knowladge about the structure of curls & how they react.

Also learn about the products & services you should be recomending to your curly clientlle & how to finnish with your Defusser.

Help your clients curls live up to their full potential!

Start using all the colours of the rainbow with this back to basics colour theory class.

Learn all about colour theory or just refresh your knowledge in this intensive colour class.

Jimi will take you through the colour wheel & how to formulate like a pro.

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