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Harris & Co. Education is run by Hairdressers, for hairdressers. As we are a fully functioning successful Gold Coast hair salon, we understand the need for useful everyday salon knowledge.


To better shape our ever evolving industry & create a community of stylists that can truely meet their full potential in a comfortable space where the only goal is to lift each other up & unlock knowledge to take you to the next level of your hair journey, weather it’s just beginning or fully realised.


We offer education without pressure, nothing but the pure knowledge we pass on about our years & experiences in this wonderful industry.

All of our education can be taken straight to the Salon floor, pure knowledge means what we teach can have you saying yes to more clients & up your service game.

Education is an area that Jimi is certainly passionate about and finds great achievement in sharing his knowledge and talent with his peers, Jimi has worked with major maufacturers like RUSK, Pravana, UNITE & Original Mineral & also Norris supply hpuse more locally.

Jimi shows compassion and an understanding about how important it is to keep learning and striving to become a better Hairdresser, inside and out.

Jimi has traveled all around the world sharing His vast knowledge while leaving egos at the door.

Jimi & Tiffany Harris

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