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Afterpay Has Arrived!

Now you can pay for your services and products in fortnightly instalments, all you need is an AFTERPAY account!

SALONPAY is the revolutionary payment option powered by AFTERPAY, you can treat yourself now and pay later for all your salon needs, have it paid off by your next visit, taking the pressure of having to come up with a chunk of money every 6 weeks for your services, meaning less chance you will have to reschedule if you ever get those shock bills or something comes up.

It also allows you to pay in advance by direct debit, so you can have a credit when you come in to spend on products or put it towards your bill.

Also great to use for gift vouchers for that special someone!

In coming weeks we will also be launching SALONPAY memberships.

in which your regualer service is calculated into weekly, fortnightly or monthly payments that are direct debited from your chosen bank account for a 12 month peirod, meaning you never have to worry about payments at the salon ever again!

Anyway you look at it SALONPAY powered by AFTERPAY has all your salon finance need covered!

To learn more about these services follow the links below:

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