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How To ProtectYour Hair This Summer

Summer in Australia has always been brutal & as such we are all well educated on how to protect ourselves from the effects of UV rays, heat & other environmental factors that come with the hotter months.

We make sure we drink lots of water, wear sunscreen & dress accordingly where possible.

BUT do you ever think about the impact all these summer factors play on your beautifully coloured & styled hair that you have no doubtably spent some serious cash on in the salon to look healthy & lush?

If your answer is “I don’t know?!” Or “Umm... Nothing?”, then we are here to help with our own tips to Slip, Slop, Slap!

Like your skin its all about protection & nourishment, we spend so much time in the salon getting our hair looking amazing so here are some tips to keeping that investment safe & healthy!


By keeping your hair hydrated your colour is less likely to fade from elements like dehydration and sun damage.

A good hydrating mask every 10 days will help your hair feel softer & healthier.

Choose the right Shampoo & Conditioner, look for words like Hydrating, Moisture, Replenishing.

Stay away from products that state they have protein treatments in them, as too much protein can cause hair to become brittle.

You can always leave the protein treatments to your hairdresser as they will be able to better assess your hair.


Like your skin your hair also needs protection from the elements.

Make sure your Shampoo & Conditioner have a UV protectant in them, this is like sunscreen for your hair.

talk with your hairdresser about what salon products including styling products have this factor in them, not all manufacturers will offer this in there line.

Jimi’s hot tip for anyone that loves to go swimming in the hotter months is to wet your hair, add some Conditioner & wear a swimming cap. This protects your hair from elements like chlorine & salt water.

If your someone that Blowdries your hair or uses hot tools to style it everyday make sure you are using products that contain Thermal Protectants, these can be found in products such as Smoothing creams/serums , setting sprays & Curl Creams/lotions.

And of cause Cover up! Wear a hat outdoors when your going for that amazing hike or down the beach, this is a quick & easy way to protect not only your lush locks but your beautiful skin as well.... so it win, win!


Last of all, seeing your hairdresser regularly for a cut & treatment is always a must when wanting to achieve healthy, hydrated, luxurious hair.

Think of them as your personal hair life guard, protecting you from drowning in a sea of to much information!

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