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How Often should I Get A Haircut?


Why you should get one every 6 weeks

We know, for some of you this is a touchy subject.... the dreaded question when it comes to that time of your service... ”So, how much are we taking off today?”.

Yes, its a scary question to some clients who have struggled to grow their long lush locks or the client with PTSD from a scissor happy stylist....

But it’s an important subject that we talk about a lot in the salon with all our loving, trusting clients.

We are here to tell you a haircut every 6-8 weeks will do WONDERS for your beautiful hair, There are so many factors to this age old tale of to chop or not to chop & we would like to break them down to help take away that anxiety when your stylist goes to grab those scissors....


Split ends can be the result of many different factors when it comes to damage on your fragile hair, spilt ends happen when the hair is dry, brittle & frayed.

It can look like the hair strand is frayed on the ends or like there is more than one stand.

Exposure to extreme weather conditions, and hair care techniques such as blow drying, straightening, and curling may cause split ends. They’re also caused by chemicals in hair products. With so many people using hair products daily, split ends are common. Almost everyone will deal with split ends at some point.

I’m sure you’ve heard of all the AMAZING ways you can “get rid of split ends“ on social media but the reality is the only way those ends feel better is with a good haircut!


Yeah we know... cutting your hair wont make it grow faster but it does have so many benefits when it comes to the fullness and length of your locks.

A good Haircut frequently can help with the look of your hair, it will look thick, shiny

& styled. Many hairstyles can grow out as your hair grows so with regular visits to your fav hair stylist it will keep its shape and style much better.

Our hair tends to look thinner as it grows without regular cuts due to breakage from all the factors we talked about in the split ends chat, if you want to keep it looking lush you need a good chop & as long as its not as much as it has grown it will still keep getting longer & look healthy while doing so!

It will also help with those nasty tangles!


If your someone that loves a good precision styled haircut & shape haircuts on the reg help keep that cut in shape & looking sharp.

If your someone with curly hair or loves beachy waves, haircuts help take the weight out of your hair to make it easier for styling with your amazing salon products specially formulated for your hair, this means less time in front of the mirror trying to get your hair right & more time feeling fierce!

Your hairdresser is there to listen to you & walk you through what is best for you & your hair, trust them. Also remember that even if its just a light dusting of the ends to help with that fullness, its about what’s left on your head not what’s cut off that your paying for. Your hairdresser is worth paying for.

Getting that trim doesn’t mean you will have short hair, its going to give you healthy hair that is easier to care for & the envy of all your friends.

So breathe.... & take the plunge into loving the chop!

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