We are so excited to introduce our new member to the Harris & Co. Salon team Simone, we thought it would be a great chance to get to know some more about her & why she loves Hairdressing some much!

We sat down with Simone & asked her some questions about her life, interests & her passion for our industry.

Jimi & Tiffany x

Where are you from?:

I was born in Lae Papua New Guinea, and we moved to the Gold Coast when I was 2.

What are some of you Achievements?

1. Raising my two beautiful boys

2. Coming in second in a 220km SUP race called the 11 cities in Holland. It was both emotionally and physically challenging. And I was most proud of myself to finish such an elite race.

3. Rescuing a fellow paddler and friend during the 12 towers race on the GC in 14 foot surf, after a rouge wave took us both out. In the end we rescued each other, and got to shore safely.

In hairdressing my biggest achievement; I have been very lucky in my career to have worked in amazing salons, and have amazing mentors. And after 23 years in the industry, I think it is important to continue to learn and grow. So my biggest achievement is my growth within this industry having completing 3 Certified Master Colourist Diplomas. And having attend several look and learn events. Learning and growing is the key. As a stylist it keeps me out of my comfort zone and gives me the confidence and knowledge to Co-create with my clients, and in turn achieve there hair goals and wishes.


I’m a fairly active person, and in my spare time I love to Sup, Surf, Skate and train at the gym. Not only am I a hairdresser, but im also a qualified CrossFit coach, and Sup instructor. When I’m not in the salon I’m generally outdoors.

You'll be able to whip us all into shape!

Why did you get into Hairdressing?

I fell in love with all the creative folks I get to work with. Hairdressing allows me to sculpt and be creative too, And I also love making people feel gorgeous.

I was that kid who cut her best friends hair, right before her Holy communion.... and then turned into that teenager who box dyed not only her own hair, but all of her mates too.

I’ve had pink hair myself since I was 16!...true story!

I love all the stand out hair styles from all the previous era’s. The classic 40’s to the outrages 80’s and everything in between. I love my job!

Who inspires you to stay relevant in our ever changing industry?

I love Benni Tognini, I have since I was an apprentice. I love his professionalism, his cutting technique is superb, and I love his creativity, and how he thinks outside of the box, and is always breaking the rules, but achieving outstanding results.

I love Sophia Hilton in London, she just speaks volumes to me lol, I love Rob the Original, for his amazing art and barbering skills, he’s a magician.

What are you most passionate about when it comes to hair?

I am most passionate about colour. I pride myself on my colour work. I am most passionate about blondes, so I love foiling, full cover blondes, root stretches, root smudges, balayage, free hand, natural blondes, platinum blondes, my personal favourite is warm buttery blondes. I also love the satisfaction that comes from a great colour correction.. there’s much more to colour than just picking a tone and running with it.

There is so much we as stylist have to take into consideration, and I like the challenge.

What is the mantra you lead your life by?

1. Practice what you preach. If your going to voice your opinions, and be passionate about what you teach, make sure you practice those same values yourself.

2. Choices and consequences. The choices I make and how they effect me, mentally, physically, and spiritually and how they effect the people around me. Make better choices

3. Your words are your affirmations, make them positive.

All such great mantras to live by.

How do you think we as Hairdressers influence or inspire the community?

I like to think we inspire or influence a community by providing a safe place to come and be yourself, without judgement .

I think hairdressers have a unique ability to hold space for our clients, we listen, we empathise, and we offer advice, so we look after you’re emotional well-being as well as your physical well being.